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[captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> live, local, latebreaking. is is wbal-tv 11 news at noon. >> good afternoon. i am sarah caldwell. president obama is refusing to back away from pointed attacks his campaign has directed at mitt romney. but top obama campaign a it has gone so far as to suggest that romney lied or committed a
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felony. the romney campaign is firing back. brian mooar has more in the commitment 2012 reports. >> from president obama, no apologies for the attacks on mitt romney and his leadership time at bain capital. >> no, we won't be apologizing. >> and obama campaign spokesman took the fight to a whole new level when she claims that romney was lying to the nation about when he left bain or committed a felony by filing false documents. >> is claiming he was not there at the time except he felt an sec of listing saying that he was the ceo, chairman of the company. >> in a new ad, team romney is blasting the president for going negative. >> what ever happened to hope and change? >> this is a candidate who is wanting to change the
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subject. >> the president is the outsourcer-in-chief with our taxpayers' dollars. >> but right now romney is on defense. brian mooar, wbal-tv 11 news. >> families are looking for new homes after a fire destroyed their apartment building. it happened at the gardenview apartments in randallstown. this video shows the magnitude of what people were dealing with. it took 90 minutes to get the flames under control bid officials say it may have started in a third floor unit and spread to the attic, destroying 24 apartment units and now -- in all. >> the fire was contained to that apartment and at big area. -- and the attic area. >> authorities say there were
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working smoke alarms in the building that held to get everyone out safely. crews have resumed the search for a missing boater in harford county trade the coast guard took over the surge late last night. some type of boating accident happened around 8:30 last night, leading to the missing boater. one person was found, but another is still missing. also getting back to work, the department of public works, working on repairing a large part of a water main in baltimore. it is located at whistler and wilmarco avenues. officials flagged the main as a potential for failure after crews discovered a rift. the project should take about two weeks, and some residents in baltimore city, anne arundel, and howard county may notice a slight decrease in water pressure. officials are urging residents to conserve water as much as possible during those repairs. >> it will be hot for those men and women working on that water
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main today. the heat back on. hd doppler is showing high clouds through harford county, northern baltimore county, down to montgomery county and bc we are talking about as hot temperatures. i am afraid to use the triple digits, but by wednesday, we could see those. 89 at the airport. humidity is not too bad right now. it will build over the next couple of days. it will end, i promise. i will talk about it in the insta-weather-plus forecast. >> a man is shot and killed in home invasion in baltimore city, and two others are heard. it happened on a lothian road in baltimore. we will keep you updated on the tv 11 and now to the latest on the search for the accused gunman over
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the weekend. investigators said saturday night, 29-year-old tuan thiam went to a spa and ellicott city and got into a fight with a man outside a female victim was working inside and had a protective order against pham. pham is wanted for attempted murder, assault, and gun offenses. all baltimore city police officer is on administrative leave after officials say he shot and killed unarmed man in baltimore. he was outside a 7-eleven store early saturday morning with a semiautomatic gun. when officers responded to the scene, he took off, leading officials on a police chase, it was brief. one of the officers fired a gun, killing him. police say the officer involved is a six-year veteran of the force. now an update to breaking news
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we brought you friday morning. police attempted murder suspects after shooting and killing a suspect while serving a search warrant in baltimore county. baltimore county police said that a man attacked them with the sword, leading to the shooting did police arrested george peoples, laura karr, and and another person. coming up, two small girls heard in iowa.
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the search continues for two girls missing in iowa. they were last seen friday afternoon. hundreds of volunteers searched the streets and bike trails for any sign. so far, the searches of, and he paid the family of joe patern -- the searches have come up and keep yempty.
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joe paterno was one of high- ranking officials who covered up abuse allegations against jerry sandusky. the investigation, led by former fbi director louis freeh, accuses them of covering up the allegations to avoid bad publicity, adding that administrators reversed the decision after a 2001 encounter between sandusky and a boy. sandusky was convicted last month of 45 counts. today is the busiest day of olympic are rivals in london. some 236,000 passengers are expected to travel through heathrow airport today normal. late, the airport would expect 190,000 passengers this time of year. olympians from 50 different countries are expected to arrive today. among them, the bulk of team usa and their families.
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around 90% are expected to arrive at heathrow. still to come, u.s. representative jesse jackson jr. is on leave, reportedly due to a mood disorder. what does that mean? we will take closer look on "medical alert." >> it is southbound there. looking at the airport, at 89. looking at the airport, at 89.
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life clinic in baltimore county. who else was working at the alleged pill mill? tonight at 11:00, deborah weiner continues the investigation. >> the owners and operators were indicted in may, and since then, the esteem began tracking the other side of the story, the medical professionals who work inside. no question it was a lucrative business. the healthy life medical group clinic, where doctors are $1,200 a day and the clinic saw up to 80 patients a day, who pay cash upfront for treatment. since it was raided and shut down, the i-team learned that this physician's assistant who worked there was ordered to surrender her medical license. i-team tracked down another p.a. who used to work at healthy life, and our conversation was brief. >> turn the cameras off, please. >> tonight at 11:00, a follow-
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up. a look at a possible role the medical professionals might play in the state's case against the clinic. for the 11 news i-team, i am at deborah weiner. >> do you need or want a new job? and google yourself tops the list of tips. h.r. managers will google you, so make sure it they like what they see. stay current with their latest projects. make sure your resume is in several formats, like pdf, word, and html, and on a mobile device, to send it quickly. if you want to be an airline pilot, now could be your chance. nearly half a million new airline pilots will be needed in commercial, it's over the next two years.
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the greatest growth is predicted for the asia-pacific region. boeing executives say that airliners in china and india are facing a pilot shortage, creating flight delays. technicians will also be needed. >> now, you're 11 insta-weather- plus forecast with meteorologist lowell melser. >> loosen up the tie, because the hot weather is back. a brief break, but now high temperatures are returning. some of the warmer spots in salisbury, 91 degrees. edgewood, 86. pretty much the only relief you can get his way out in the western portions. 75 in oakland. when you take is to redress and mix them with high dew points, anywhere from 78 to 74 degrees. temperatures more feeling like i-95 in the city, 95 at the
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airport. hot spots almost at 100 degrees, and things are only going to get worse from here. because of this dangerous heat, there is a heat advisory for southern portions of baltimore county and baltimore city and portions of pennsylvania, new jersey, delaware. just be aware of that if you are working out in the heat today or how to play golf or something. be careful, and drink a lot of water -- you know the rules. it is mainly because of two high pressure systems. this one in georgia, this one way out into the atlantic. the clockwise flow is bringing in moisture and warm air and pushing it into our region. i highlighted these two upper- level troughs. pretty much like an alley created here. once these winds switch out of the south and southwest, they are going to bring that air right through our region.
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we are talking -- today we will be in the mid-90's. tomorrow, upper 90s. i think i probably wednesday afternoon, we could pop around 100 degrees, and talking dangerous heat, is the matter to levels will be out there as well -- it is humidity levels will be up there as well. clouds and sunshine. maybe a possibility for an isolated thunderstorm here and there. i would not count on it too much. northwest winds, that will switch as the day goes on to out of the south, southwest, and bring us more humidity. 93 to 97 degrees. muchevening, we don't get relief. 72 to 77 degrees. humidity will be up. looking at our seven-day, this is the danger area we will watch
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the next couple of days. 99, possibly 100 degrees tomorrow. wednesday, the same thing. finally, a cold front moves through late in the evening on wednesday to thursday. 10 to 15 degree from an air temperatures, which will be much needed and that point, because you know how oppressive the heat can be. >> in our "medical alert," republican congressman jesse jackson jr. has been on medical leave and absent -- leave of absence for a month now. the reason for that leave, a mood disorder. what does that mean, exactly? >> experts say it was no surprise hearing about congressman jackson's condition, saying looks can be deceiving. the fact that he is in residential treatment means it is not to be taken lightly.
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a mood disorder is not moodiness, an ex 15% of the population -- and a fax is 15% of the population. >> the mood disorder is more serious, because the person becomes to a greater or lesser degree dysfunctional. >> chronic and happiness, bipolar disorder are the most common mood disorders. stress can be a huge trigger. >> if stress piles up, all that can lead to a major episode of mood disorder. >> jackson has been under investigation by a house ethics committee over the scandal that sent former gov. rod blagojevich to present. while his family denies reports of alcohol abuse, since abuse in general as the common contributing factor to mood -- substance abuse in general is a common contributing factor to
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disorders. >> when it subsides, the mood disorder reveals its ugly head, and this is when the person becomes suicidal. >> it is usually treated by medication and therapy, taking weeks, months, even a year. >> i know of congressmen and senators who have struggled with mood disorders and were fortunate enough to receive the correct treatment and continue to function. >> his office released a statement reporting that jackson is responding positively to treatment and is expected to make a full recovery. it is and devastating for families when a child is stricken with a serious injury. many parents cannot afford treatment, which only adds to the headaches. there are some grants available to pay for the care their child needs. one of them is offered by a 5- year-old nonprofit united healthcare children's foundation. >> it came about to follow the
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mission of united healthcare, which is to help people lead healthier lives and fill the need for children and families who have a gap in coverage and need help an i providing solutions, therapies, durable medical of a man, things that are not covered. this foundation helps cover them. >> the grant money is available to anybody who meets the guidelines as insurance. it does not cover those on medicare and medicaid. children who are obese and not automatically prone to portraits. a study finds that the genetic predisposition to obesity did not appear to affect exam scores. other studies showed that obese children perform worse of school, so other factors may be at play.
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coming up, your maryland lottery numbers and another check of your insta-weather-plus forecast.
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>> scorching temperatures have prompted baltimore health officials to declare a code red heat alert.
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tune in to see how long he will last. scam artists are posing as volunteer firemen. how to spot the real from fake. mayor stephanie rawlings-blake is facing a new challenger in city council. those stories and more on 11 news at 5:00. and now your maryland lottery numbers. >> ♪ the maryland lottery, let yourself play ♪ >> i am angela jackson from wbal radio. let's get to pick three. hey, what you now? the maryland lottery presents the summer of like. like us on facebook and you could win prizes summer long.
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moving on to pick four -- let yourself play. >> lowell is back, and it is really heating up. >> getting progressively worse. 97 today, 99, possibly 100 tomorrow. once the humidity really kicks in, we're talking heat indices are and 105. >> couple days we will be passed it. thanks for joining us. >> watch stan and donna at 5:00.
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have a great day. have a great day.
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